The People of the Cloak


The People of the Cloak (Ahl al-Kisa’) refers to the Beloved Prophet (salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam); his daughter Sayyidatuna Fatimah (radiy Allah ‘anha); his cousin and son-in-law Sayyiduna ‘Ali (karrama Allahu wajhahu); and his two grandsons Sayyiduna al-Hasan and Sayyiduna al-Husayn (radiy Allahu ‘anhuma).

In an authentic hadith, Sayyidatuna ‘Aisha reported that Allah’s Apostle (salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) went out one morning wearing a striped cloak of the black camel’s hair that there came Hasan b. ‘Ali. He wrapped him under it, then came Husayn and he wrapped him under it along with the other one (Hasan). Then came Fatimah and he took her under it, then came ‘Ali and he also took him under it and then said: “Allah only desires to take away any uncleanliness from you, O people of the household, and purify you (thorough purifying).” [Sahih Muslim]


Small: 21 cm (width) x 29.4 cm (height)
Medium: 35.5 cm (width) x 49.7 cm (height)
Large: 50 cm (width) x 70 cm (height)
Paper Thickness: 0.25 mm
Paper Finishing: Matt Laminated

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